he has no idea
'It’s simple. I don’t believe in wasting my energy arguing when we can either cuddle, fuck or make love. I don’t understand fighting each other when we should be fighting together against the enemy. Why stress out one another when we can use our bodies as a vehicle of relief. Why do relationships have to be so complicated when they don’t have to. It’s fucking easy! Find someone who resides on the same level as you in terms of peace of mind and go on to create something beautiful. Laugh, fuck, love and just enjoy the time you both have on this earth while you can.'
— Me ( Reuben L Holmes II )

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Pedra da Gávea, @gpferrer - I’d do it all over again just to have my breath taken away by this view

this is no metaphor, this is real and this is dangerous

Mayday Parade - Bruised and Scarred

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Stay strong.